Bakat Alih Suara | Fastlights Studios

Name of Company: Fastlights Studios

Role:Voice Over ( for any types of audio recording. e.g. Narration, Voice Prompts, Voice Over Dubbing Translation)

Remuneration: Project based.

Requirements: Must be able to read, understand and express at least 2 of these following languages:
a) English
b) Malay
c) Cantonese / Mandarin
d) Arab
e) Japan / Korean
f) Philippines
g) Thai
h) Other commercial languages.

Contact Person:

- This audition is open for all ages.
- Kindly submit your resume / profile with pictures and voice sample (if any) to
- This is an open audition. There is no deadline. However, priority will be given to the qualified auditioned candidates depending on the projects.
- Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for an audition session.
- Audition session will be arranged according to the studio availability.
- Training will be provided for non-experienced / fresh candidates if necessary (FREE OF CHARGE).

- For more info, kindly visit our Facebook Page and Official Website.

-More details (job scope, commission package) will only be discussed if you are shortlisted for an interview session. This is to avoid info leakage to the third party / competitors.

Credit Lowyat Forum

p/s:  Kalau ada persoalan/pertanyaan yang bermain di fikiran, terus majukan pada Fastlights ye kalau uols tanya me alahai minta maaflah gerenti tak dapek nak jawab sebab me just spread the info pada yang berminat takde related pun dengan diaorang.

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