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Name of Company: i-YUNO Malaysia
i-Yuno is a multi-national subtitling and dubbing company servicing all Asian languages for most prestigeous broadcast and media customers around the world. With 8 years of experience and operations in key locations of Asia including Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, i-Yuno is the biggest privately owned media localization service company in Asia.


In-line with our expansion, we are starting a new voice dubbing training academy for individuals whom are interested to embark on this fulfilling and rewarding career path. If you enjoy play-acting, and being a voice talent in international TV shows and movies, and are naturally endowed with a nice and attractive voice - We are now about to launch our VOICE TALENT training academy!

Drop by our office & studio for an audition! - If you are shortlisted, you will be given an option to be enrolled in our in-house voice dubbing training programme. It is a part time (twice a week) Training Programme whereby all candidates are taught the necessary basics and given proper exercises to be a succesful Voice Over Talent.

The programme itself is FREE (subject to shortlist and selection process) if you are one of our lucky candidates! We do however require to tie you in for an exclusive contract to utilize your voice in all of our in-house productions for a period of time.


Remuneration: Contractual

Requirements: Passion, Interest, Dedication, Punctuality, Good Reading Habits and a Naturally GOOD VOICE!

Contact Person: CHONG/Adrian 03-26810133

AUDITION DATE: 20-23 FEB 2012 (Mon - Wed)
VENUE: i-Yuno Malaysia Office, 15th Floor Menara TH Selborn, Jln Tun Razak, KL (beside IJN and opp National Library)

p/s: me jumpa this thread di Lowyat so if you guys berminat nak jadi pelakon alih suara bolehlah datang ujibakat pada waktu yang ditetapkan. Jangan lupa call dulu person in-charge untuk book slot audition jangan main redah je. Mesti best kan dengar suara sendiri kat TV tapi wajah orang lain.:p


  1. Assalam. audition ni still open? i am interested!

  2. @Kekka - Sorry dear, dah dua thn berlalu..tutup sudah..


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